Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Two Deadly-Sin Topics

There are two topics I don't touch in meetings: politics and religion. I don't even like people wearing clothing advertising their opinions on these matters to meetings (although I don't say anything about it).

The most basic reason is that I was raised in a home where there was One Opinion on these matters. I did not always share that opinion, and I was lambasted by family members because of it. It hurt to think that such hurtful behavior was okay as long as the topic of discussion was something that will never actually be solved.

No one human being is going to be proven "right" in either of these arenas, whether alcoholics or not. What many do prove themselves to be as they pontificate is hostile, overbearing and/or condescending.

The Big Book tells us not to approach newcomers in the spirit of "witchburning" on the subject of alcohol. I personally expand that to politics and religion as well. We endorse nor oppose any causes.

The program's predecessor, the Oxford Group, was humming right along until its members decided to get involved in political matters. Then, Oxford experienced problems of money, property and prestige, and it is now history.

In my private life, BF and I discuss politics amongst ourselves, but we don't bring those discussions into meetings. It's my hope that few, if any, in my home group know where I stand politically.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow this is a wonderful post, I too feel the same way, if you want to know my opinion I will share it with you in a respectful manner, but like you I leave it as our common purpose is to help the still suffering alcoholic...thank you for this post!


Texaco said...

Good on ya (say that like Sarah Palin - teehee) for mentioning the implosion of the Oxford group. The founders of AA were very aware that the principle of unity and having a singleness of purpose were essential to the survival of the group. Wise boys, weren't they.