Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forgiving Someone I Can't F-ing Stand: The Series

I'm embarking on a project in forgiving someone over the next 14 days, and I'll be chronicling it here. First, let's get the reader up to speed ....

I'm on a mission to forgive a woman in my home group whom I will refer to as P.

I have known P for almost a year, and during that time, she has

  • Openly gone after BF
  • Called BF's ex wife to report to her about us when he blew her off
  • Started going out with my ex (admittedly, this is their prerogative since I have moved on)
  • Once she felt my ex was paying too much attention to me, she called everyone on our group's phone list to tell them I was sleeping with him behind BF's back
  • Then drunkenly threatened to kill me during a meeting I was chairing
Knowing her has been like having a season pass to the Museum of Crazy.

So yesterday she calls and leaves me a voice mail, asking to meet me for coffee so she can make an amends to me.


I would rather have a bikini wax and then wade in a pool of rubbing alcohol than do that!

So I called my sponsor. She instructed me to let P know that I would call her once I was ready. Then, I am to pray for her every day for two weeks as described in the BB on page 552 of the 4th edition. Then, barring any new and especially insane developments, I will meet with her.


Last night I prayed for her for the first time....


Kristin H. said...

I'll hop on the prayer train with you. Some are sicker than others...

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love this post and have had a few interesting folks in my recovery that I have to pray's not easy...I do love the "museum of crazy" thought though! Thank you and I will be following your posts!

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