Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep Others Simple ... For Yourself

I hear and read a lot about "change" that will now sweep over our nation. Apparently we have all been living in downtrodden misery, and a new president is going to fix Everything (he could start over here by taking a look at my bathtub plumbing, but somehow I doubt he's got me on his book).

When I was drinking, I blamed everyone and everything else for my problems. My blurry bottom line was that life just wasn't treating me right. If life treated me right, I wouldn't drink!

The amazing thing was that I developed peace with life once I stopped drinking and learned through a program of recovery that life treats me the way it treats everyone else: if I'm a jerk, people retaliate.

I once heard this in a meeting, "If in the course of a day, I meet one person that I suspect is an ***hole, there is a chance that I am right about that person. But when everyone I meet is an ***hole, then I am actually the ***hole."

I thought life was about being happy. I was wrong. Life is about taking the personal responsibility to contribute to the world. Once I become a giving member of society, I stand a greater chance of personal satisfaction and sobriety.

That's the change I believe in.


JaywalkinMike said...

Thank you for sharing. Having come by and read a few times, I feel I ought to say so. Good day!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post indeed. this is very true. I watch the office and my close friend said that everyone on the office is in every office and when you don't know who the Micheal is...then you're the Michael. Now if you don't watch the office then I've blown this comment completely, but if you do you'll see the analogy to the a**hole part! Have a great weekend!

Kathy Lynne said...

I believe the meaning of life is to live it...and how do we do that...I think if you simply follow the tenets of the 11th Step Prayer you can't go wrong and we can't really do that if we're drinking. Just wanted to say Hi..someone posted a link to your blog on mine so we must be meant for each other:)

Katherine said...

I just found your blog, and read your most recent post. I agree with you 100%! Thank you for sharing... you are inspiring for me. I will be back!! :)

Texaco said...

I am sure my Creator wants me to be happy, but I am also convinced that real happiness comes from living my purpose - which is to help others.

And I'll tell you what, that is a hard thing to figure out how to do some days. I'm still learning how best to be helpful without placing myself in a position to be taken advantage of.