Friday, September 19, 2008

"I pray that I will find happiness in doing the right thing. I pray that I will find satisfaction in obeying spiritual laws." - Twenty-Four Hours a Day

So much temptation to not do the right thing! I daydream about lashing out at these maladjusts that for some reason I have been given as coworkers.

But now I get emotional hangovers when I lash out at people, whether they deserved or not! My conscience is no longer silenced by booze. When I act in ways that conflict with my HP's standards, it haunts me emotionally until I make it right. My HP says I should pray for my enemies.

It's work to be sober!

So today, I will not tell any of these in-duh-viduals to bugger the f*** off, put exlax in the coffee to watch them kill each other getting to the potty, or remove the ball from every mouse in the building and watch them inundate IT with their ignorance.

My HP also says "Better a dry crust in peace than a feast with a cantankerous woman," which authorizes me to look for a new job.

Let the resumes fly!!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Thank you for this! You blog is incredible! May I add you to my Blog Roll? Thank you!!!